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Willow Women’s Health Reviews
Reviews submitted via Kareo from 2022-2023
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Nov 08, 2023
‘Laura is such an amazing person! I have never felt so comfortable or so important! I will be a forever client with her.’
Oct 26, 2023
‘She’s a genuine wonderful human being willing to listen and explain anything without making you feel uncomfortable. She’s also passionate about what she does and you feel it just walking into the office.’
Oct 24, 2023
‘Thank you Dr Laura for listening and taking a holistic approach to women’s health! Your expertise is so valuable in navigating all the different health needs and the care plan you laid out is so great! Thank you for all you do!’
Oct 20, 2023
‘Laura took so much time to actually listen not only to my presenting concerns but also my thoughts on her recommended treatment plan. I really felt heard!’
Oct 11, 2023
‘Laura was very helpful and took her time getting a thorough history and presenting problem. She provided me with education about why I was experiencing certain symptoms and gave me a detailed treatment plan.’
Sep 08, 2023
‘Absolutely wonderful! Nothing negative to say… One of my best provider experiences of all time. Highly recommend!’
Sep 07, 2023
‘Dr. Valle took the time to really listen and discuss options!’
Sep 01, 2023
‘Dr. Valle provided a level of care that I have been previously unfamiliar with. I came to her office on the glowing recommendation of a friend and still, my expectations were surpassed. She truly listens and takes the time to address your concerns. The space feels more like a spa than a medical facility. I wish more doctor visits felt like this.’
Sep 01, 2023
‘I appreciate that Laura Valle spent time truly getting to know me. She suggested many options to address my health concerns, with clear explanations and resources. I walked away from my appointment feeling very encouraged for the future. Thank you!’
Aug 25, 2023
‘Laura is absolutely wonderful. She takes the time to talk through all potential courses of treatment and make sure you fully understand what is happening. I highly recommend Laura.’
Aug 24, 2023
‘Dr. Valle is always very pleasant, helpful and thorough in covering all concerns and symptoms. Her unique way of connecting with patients is what is generally lacking in the average Ob/Gyn office. Effortlessly meeting personal needs and attention. Solid advice. An unprecedented comfortability that makes women feel so important, worthy and intelligent enough to make their own health decisions. Thank you!’
Aug 14, 2023
‘Dr Laura was very friendly and easy to talk to. She takes her time during appointments and you don’t feel rushed. She listens to what you have to say and answers any questions you have. The environment was cozy and comfortable. I would highly recommend her!’
Aug 12, 2023
‘Laura is very knowledgeable and does a great job of interacting with and supporting her patients’
Aug 08, 2023
‘Always a comforting visit.’
Jul 14, 2023
‘Amazing and thorough individualized care plan’
Jul 06, 2023
‘Laura was absolutely amazing!! She is the perfect example of what women’s healthcare in America should look like!! She spends takes the time to listen to you and doesn’t rush. From the moment you meet her, you feel safe and in good hands! I would highly recommend her!’
Jul 03, 2023
‘Caring, compassionate, through, professional, finds a way to meet your needs. The best.’
Jun 30, 2023
‘Always feeling safe and seen!’
Jun 27, 2023
‘Laura is knowledgeable, kind, accepting, and great at explaining complex ideas. She really listened to me and made me feel like we’d be taking a health journey together, rather than the condescending tone I’ve experienced from other providers. It was a genuinely positive experience.’
Jun 23, 2023
‘Amazing clinic and experience. Laura is very thorough; she listens to you, and I believe she genuinely cares about each and every patient’s wellbeing/ health. I highly recommend her!’
Jun 08, 2023
‘Laura was very thorough, kind, and nurturing! And I love that her space provides all one would need in terms of exams, lab work, and consultations. One stop shopping! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment!’
Jun 01, 2023
‘My visit today was filled with the gift of time, information, education and care from Laura Valle. I will be recommending her practice without hesitation ~’
Jun 01, 2023
‘Laura was amazing! She listens to every concern you have and comes up with a plan to help you. She values your input and doesn’t write off issues as just “normal” perimenopause symptoms that you have to deal with.’
May 25, 2023
‘Dr. Valle is great’
May 22, 2023
‘Laura is the first medical professional who has taken the time to both explain about and really listen to me about my perimenopause and how to handle hormonal challenges. She is absolutely wonderful and I HIGHLY recommend her!’
May 19, 2023
‘Absolutely phenomenal first visit. As someone who gets quite nervous at medical benefits, Laura did everything she could to put me at ease. I felt listened to and cared about.’
May 08, 2023
‘I came to Laura because I felt like my concerns were not being heard or treated as significant by my healthcare providers. At my first visit, I shared concerns and reviewed recent health data and left with evidence-based information to help me begin addressing my concerns. I couldn’t be happier – this is what I’ve been looking for!’
May 05, 2023
‘I’ve always struggled with my annual exam and this was the best experience I’ve ever had! Laura was attentive, informative and friendly. Spending 90 minutes reviewing my medical history, my health concerns and addressing my future plan was an experience I’ve never had in healthcare and I’m in awe. Her space in beautiful offering a serene environment and the Nella spec is a game changer! Everyone should see Laura if you are in the Dayton area.’
May 05, 2023
‘I had a fantastic first appointment. She really took the time to listen to me and explain different options. The office is very clean and welcoming. I highly recommend.’
May 04, 2023
‘Best OBGYN care I’ve had.’
Apr 21, 2023
‘Amazing and professional care with attention to detail. If you want to feel heard and seen, go to Laura!’
Apr 14, 2023
‘Fantastic! Dr. Valle spent a long period time with me, going over my history in detail. She has a calm and knowledgeable demeanor. I would recommend to anyone.’
Apr 14, 2023
‘Laura is exceptional with her care. She takes time to know you as a person first and then as a patient. I want more medical practitioners like her in the world. I recommend her to anyone!’
Apr 14, 2023
‘Dr. Valle was so welcoming and encouraging. I have never had a doctor spend so much time taking the time to truly know me and understand my concerns. I left feeling heard, encouraged and excited with a renewed hope in feeling better.’
Apr 11, 2023
‘Excellent personalized care, where I have been treated as a whole person!’
Apr 11, 2023
‘I am extremely pleased with the time and attention I receive from Laura Valle. She really cares about her patients in a way not often found in the medical community. I like that Laura thinks outside the box, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make her patient feel better! I highly recommended Laura Valle! Karen C.’
Mar 16, 2023
‘Laura Valle is great, she takes her time and never rushes you through appointments. She listens and offers options for your concerns/needs. Laura works with you instead of just making decisions for you. She’s truly an advocate for women’s health.’
Mar 16, 2023
‘I felt listened to and was provided options for my concerns. She took her time learning my history and was very thorough. Would recommend!’
Mar 14, 2023
‘Laura Valle is the Best! The office is cozy and relaxing. She is very informative and made me feel seen and heard. Never judged and very comfortable. Really went above and beyond my expectations.’
Mar 13, 2023
‘I really liked the atmosphere and talking with Dr Laura Valle. Wasn’t rushed at all. I loved all the little details, the warm blanket, the coffee or tea and the chocolates. Very impressed.’
Mar 07, 2023
‘I highly recommend Dr. Laura Valle to anyone seeking her services! The care she provides is truly exceptional. She took the time to thoroughly explain everything during my visit and asked all the necessary questions to gain a complete understanding of my needs. On top of that, she went above and beyond by finding extra time in her schedule to provide me with such detailed care, despite a paperwork mistake on my end that took up time. Her dedication to ensuring top-tier care is amazing!’
Feb 16, 2023
‘Caring and thorough.’
Feb 10, 2023
‘The most comfortable annual check-up I’ve ever had! I will be back in the future!’
Feb 06, 2023
‘This was the best medical appointment I have ever experienced. Thorough, informative, gentle, and personable. With much patience and kindness. I felt seen, heard, and understood. I wish we had more Doctor’s visits like that.’
Jan 31, 2023
‘As stated by others, the offices are so warm and welcoming! Laura is terrific. She took more time with me than most of my other health care team combined! She really knows her stuff, and I am looking forward to working with her. Karen C.’
Jan 27, 2023
‘Laura is kind and patient, answering all questions thoroughly.’
Jan 23, 2023
‘Super informative and takes her time to go over every concern and options for you! I highly recommend her!’
Jan 23, 2023
‘Laura was fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend her. She spent time listening to my concerns and I left feeling confident in our action plan. In addition, her office space is beautiful. I also appreciate the ability to schedule appointments online, along with communicating via the patient portal. I am so glad I found her!’
Jan 19, 2023
‘Laura Valle is knowledgeable about the most up-to-date, clinically proven treatments for menopause. She does a complete intake of your health history and spends enough time with you. I highly recommend her!’
Jan 12, 2023
‘I felt very cozy and comfortable in the office, unlike most doctor’s offices. I felt like Laura spent a lot of time listening and getting all of my history before making any recommendations. Most doctors give you 15-20 minutes and she gave me almost 2 hours of her time. I feel like she actually cares about her patients and wants to help them to be happy and healthy. This is a rare quality to have, as most physicians treat you like a number, like cattle, shoving you from one place to another.’
Dec 20, 2022
‘Most thorough and compassionate women’s care provider I’ve ever seen!’
Dec 02, 2022
‘Professional, personal, caring service is exception. Thank you for your support.’
Dec 01, 2022
‘Laura is wonderful. I’ve never had a provider sit down and so thoroughly go through my medical history. Her holistic and personal approach makes me feel comfortable discussing all my health needs.’
Nov 22, 2022
‘The office is immaculate and creates and very home-like environment. Laura was very knowledgeable about a plan for my needs.’
Oct 28, 2022
‘Dr Valle has been so incredibly kind and helpful throughout my pre-conception and early pregnancy stages. She has helped with testing and counseling in a far more comprehensive, in-depth way than my OB would ever be able to provide. To be honest, now that I’ve experienced the incomparable care and attention of Willow Women’s Health, I feel completely lost in the churn and shuffle of my regular OB clinic! I will definitely trust Dr Valle with all my routine gynecological care from now on.’
Oct 25, 2022
‘I appreciate how much time Laura spent with me, discussing all of my health concerns. I felt heard, and I left with a plan for tackling the issues. I am excited about the possibility of seeing some improvement in the near future. Thank you!’
Oct 21, 2022
‘Laura is absolutely wonderful. She is patient and attentive and extremely kind and considerate. I’ve never experienced someone who embodies all of these thing as well as having such extensive knowledge and drive to find answers as soon as possible. After just one visit I’ve gotten more answers (or referrals for further testing) than I’ve had at any point in the last five years with other providers. The office is also super cozy and welcoming.’
Oct 20, 2022
‘Very personable, very thorough, did not feel rushed, felt comfortable to ask questions, very good communication via emails prior to visit. Looking forward to next visit, and would highly recommend!’
Sep 22, 2022
‘Laura is professional, warm, and kind. She took her time with me and made me feel totally comfortable.’
Sep 15, 2022
‘The most thorough, compassionate, caring, problem solving first appointment, I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Dr. Valle for truly caring, listening and partnering with me to support my health care needs. Ten Star rating!!!’
Sep 13, 2022
‘Laura spent plenty of time with me and was very personable. It was a good appointment and will be returning.’
Aug 20, 2022
‘Very considerate and inclusive care! Super happy with the choice to utilize Laura and Willow Women’s Health!’
Jul 13, 2022
‘By far Laura is my favorite provider. She takes time to talk about your past health, family health, and listens to what has been going on. She doesn’t just bypass you and wants to get the appointment over with; I actually felt heard and supported. I plan to stay with Laura for as long as possible! I highly recommend her!’